Young women’s blockade 1993

Claoquot Summer 1993 was the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history.

Clayoquot Sound . . . Protect what you love!

The health of the global environment depends on intact ecosystems.
We act as peaceful and courageous advocates for all marine and terrestrial life in Clayoquot Sound. »Read More

Here is the Summer 2021 Newsletter!!

The FOCS Summer 2021 Newsletter is out exploring the major issues in Clayoquot Sound and the work we have been doing over the last several months, including updates on our campaigns.

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Thanks to all the speakers, performers, and participants at the Protect Old-Growth Forests solidarity rally!!

Clayoquot Sound has a strong legacy and community of forest defenders! On Sunday, June 13, 2021, about 150 people came together in Tofino for a time of community building, performance, and holding space in solidarity with forest defenders across Vancouver Island and around the world.

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2021 Winter Newsletter is Out NOW!

The Friends of Clayoquot Sound 2021 Winter newsletter is out with an in-depth look at the major issues in Clayoquot Sound and the work we have been doing over the last several months, including updates on our campaigns.

Click the following link to read the 2021 Winter Newsletter.

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Clayoquot Salmon Festival X Festival of What Works Curated Online Events Stream

Friends of Clayoquot Sound are taking the 2020 Clayoquot Salmon Festival online! This year, we’re teaming up with the Festival of What Works presented by Salmon Nation for a week of FREE online events to celebrate salmon and what is working to protect the greater salmon bioregion. The Clayoquot Salmon Festival X Festival of What Works collaboration will run between Sunday, November 15 – Sunday, November, 22. Click here to see a preview of the Clayoquot Salmon Festival Curated Event Stream of the larger Festival of What Works schedule.
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Summer 2020 Newsletter Now Available

The summer 2020 edition of our twice-yearly newsletter is out, with articles including:

  • #INDIGENOUSLIVESMATTER: Anti-Racism Movement Confronts Generations of Colonial Violence
  • B.C. Fails Test of Indigenous Rights Law: Pipelines Pitted Against Indigenous Title
  • Clayoquot Salmon Roundtable Begins First Ever Marine Risk Assessment
  • #INDIGENOUSLIVESMATTER: Tribal Parks Allies: Local Opportunity for Change. By Tsimka Martin
  • Mining Cleanup to Cost B.C. Taxpayers $1.2 Billion

plus updates on our campaigns, and action items for you to take forward. Take a read and please share!

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2019–2020 Winter Newsletter is here!

The winter 2019-2020 edition of our twice-yearly newsletter is out, with articles including:

  • System Change, Not Climate Change
  • Taking the Street for Climate Justice: Time to Follow the Leadership of the Youth
  • End in Sight for Open Net Salmon Farms in Canada
  • FOCS: 40 Years on the Frontlines of Ancient Rainforest Protection!
  • Indigenous Rights Recognized in B.C. Law with New Legislation
  • Tribal Parks Allies Celebrates Inaugural Year!
  • Clayoquot Salmon Festival Rocks the Sound in 2019!
  • Imperial Metals Moves into Skagit Headwaters After No Charges for Mount Polley Disaster

plus updates on our campaigns, and action items for you to take forward. Take a read and please share!

Click here to download (PDF, 3MB): FOCS Winter Newsletter, or find print copies at many outlets in Tofino and around BC. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with distribution in your area.

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Tell Trudeau: Walk the Climate Emergency Talk

Youth all over the world are rising in the millions to demand the world’s nations protect our Earth home and the web of life that sustains us all by taking bold and immediate action to avoid catastrophic climate collapse. Because the world’s scientists are clear: we have less than 11 years to cut our emissions in half while protecting our remaining cultural and biological diversity.  Otherwise, we face catastrophic impacts and the climate crisis moving beyond our control.

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Clayoquot Salmon Festival 2019 is HERE!

From August 30 – September 7 there will be a variety of events, with something for everyone. The festival aims to offer residents and visitors an opportunity to reflect upon, and build an active appreciation for, the irreplaceable value of salmon in Clayoquot Sound. At least 137 different species depend on the marine-rich nutrients that wild salmon provide. Millions of people around the Pacific rely on salmon as a healthy and reliable source of protein. Pacific salmon fuel a multi-billion dollar industry, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and local economies and communities around the Pacific Rim. Click Here for the SCHEDULE!

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You Deal With It: Landslides from Logging in Hesquiaht Harbour

At the northern end of Clayoquot Sound, the big rain events this past winter devastated the territory of Hesquiaht First Nations. The rain events hit Hesquiaht territory hard due to the history of industrial logging in Clayoquot Sound. 

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Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Meares Island Tribal Park Declaration

The 35th anniversary of the Meares Island Tribal Park Declaration of 1984 was celebrated over the Easter long weekend.
Chief Moses Martin, elected Chief of Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, was also the elected chief 35 years ago. In April 1984, he declared Meares Island in Clayoquot Sound near Tofino a “Tribal Park” during a blockade to stop Canadian forestry company MacMillan Bloedel from logging the area’s ancient forests.

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Free Public Summer Presentations: "Striking Balance Together" 

Friends of Clayoquot Sound and Tribal Parks Allies present a multimedia exploration of environmental conservation solutions in Clayoquot Sound.

“Striking Balance Together”: Film and Photo Presentations

Wednesdays in July (July 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31) & August (August 7, 14, 21, & 28)
Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre
380 Campbell St. Tofino
8 PM

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Sea Lice Monitoring Update

Deadly Parasites: Sea Lice Infestations

Fish farms in Clayoquot Sound have effectively become breeding grounds for sea lice, putting an entire generation of wild salmon at risk. In the last year, half of Cermaq’s 14 salmon farms in Clayoquot Sound reported sea lice levels at or above the threshold that requires chemical treatment under the federal licence. When will the Minister of Fisheries and Ocean, Jonathan Wilkinson, and the Department of Fisheries and Ocean step up to protect wild salmon? These crisis level conditions are unacceptable!


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Assessing the Wild Salmon Emergency

In a recent study, Department of Fisheries and Oceans scientist, Dr. Kristi Miller, found that migratory Chinook salmon are at risk of disease from exposure to the high levels of piscine orthoreovirus (PRV) occurring on salmon farms. PRV causes red blood cells in Chinook salmon to rupture, spreading toxins that damage the kidney and liver, weakening the wild salmon.

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2019 Summer Newsletter is here!

The summer 2019 edition of our twice-yearly newsletter is out, with articles including:

  •  Assessing the Wild Salmon Emergency
  • The Green New Deal & Global Climate Strike
  • August Deadline for Imperial Metals Charge
  • Remembering Meares Island

plus updates on our campaigns, and action items for you to take forward. Take a read and please share!

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Salmon Solidarity Movement Convering in Tofino

On Sunday, June 9th in Tofino, an alliance of Tla-o-qui-aht, Ahousaht, and Hesquiaht people, the Nuuchahnulth Salmon Alliance, held the “Salmon: Talking Circle and March.” The talking circle was held in front of the totem pole that Joe David raised in Tofino. Honoured guests included Chiefs from the Broughton Archipelago, Alexandra Morton, and the crew of Sea Shepherd’s Martin Sheen Research Vessel. Many people shared their perspectives on the value of wild salmon, and the damage done by salmon farms. During the March that followed, Nuu-chah-nulth salmon defenders led songs and chants through Tofino to Cermaq’s facilities and the Lions Gate fish plant.

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Hands Across the Sand

Friends of Clayoquot Sound are partnering with Surfrider Pacific Rim for Hands Across the Sand, a global event that brings together individuals and organizations to promote a clean energy future across the world; ending our dependence on fossil fuels. 

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A New Era for Reconiliation

Indigenous governments, with their strong rights enshrined in the Canadian constitution and International law, are a power force in environmental politics. In B.C., Indigenous Nations have halted the Trans Mountain pipeline, defended the Great Bear Rainforest and the Sacred Headwaters of the Stikine, Nass, and Skeena rivers from extractive development.
In Clayoquot Sound the protected old growth forests of Wanachus/Hilthuu’is (Meares Island) have secured Tofino’s clean drinking water. All of these initiatives were aided by the dedicated support of allies, but could not have been achieved without Indigenous rights and title.

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Kwispaa LNG: A New Carbon Bomb For BC?

Steehead LNG (liquified natural gas) recently submitted a description for its proposed Kwispaa LNG project to the Canadian and BC environmental assessment agencies.

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The Radicals Film Tour Recap

On his 60th birthday at the film screening on the tour, it was awesome to hear Chief Willie Moon discuss the recent legal challenges launched by his Nation against the federal and provincial governments for the fish farms in Dzawada’enuxw territory that continue to operate with no consent. Thanks to the Beyond Boarding crew Tamo, Jasper, and Carissa for bringing The Radicals Film to the Pacific Rim and the community protectors in the film who attended and shared their stories Karissa, Florence, Sherry, and Willie as well as Ora and the musicians who supported and to the 200+ people who attended screenings in the Tla-o-qui-aht, Tofino, Ahousaht, and Ucluelet communities.

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Why I Got Arrested to Stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline

The police gave me every opportunity to leave before being arrested. I chose to stay, having zip-tied myself to the front gates of the Kinder Morgan complex on Burnaby mountain last March because for me this is a story of risking everything I love. Simply put, the beautiful west coast does not need more oil tanker traffic. We don’t need the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion for tar sands oil, aka bitumen.
During my trial I told the judge that a bitumen spill off our coast would close down Tofino because there is no way to recover spilt bitumen from the ocean. It sinks to the bottom like toxic asphalt, leaking poisons like benzene, mercury, and other persistent organic pollutants.  These carcinogens will circulate in the aquatic ecosystem for a very long time endangering future generations.
How would you like a mouthful of bitumen the next time you play in the surf? You would see every kind of fish, sea bird, and mammal wash up dead onto the toxic beach. The smell alone would be unbearable. That is why I chose to get arrested.
We stopped the trucks at the Kinder Morgan’s Westridge oil terminal gates for numerous hours every time someone risked arrest.
With the courage of hundreds risking arrest since March, we made our disagreement with tar sands pipeline expansion known. While I got a light sentence of community service, the B.C. Supreme Court Judge Kenneth Affleck is unfortunately siding with the pipeline by now handing out heavier sentences. This is contrary to what other courts are doing around the globe who are siding with climate change activists. But at present, the Canadian government is controlled by big oil interests.  If you were to block
the gates right now you would risk seven days in jail. This in combination with increased fines are attempts dissuade those willing to risk arrest.
It is time to show these billion dollar corporations that they have gone far enough. We need to take back our government from their grasp. Their never-ending, short-sighted greed is pushing our planet into a destabilized and scary future. Clayoquot Sound continues to show defiance to the Crudeau pipeline, and this was my way of supporting that momentum.
I got arrested so I can continue to surf in my kayak without fear of my eyes burning with toxins the next time I take a dunking. If getting arrested seems too extreme for you then maybe it’s time to ask what the future is worth? As I was leaving the courtroom I heard someone from the back yell, “Go Tofino!”

Holding The Line For Climate Justice

The United Nations issued a warning in October emphasizing that unless humanity can organize an unprecedented effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, Earth will become locked into the devastating consequences of climate change. “Climate-related risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security, and economic growth are projected to increase with global warming of 1.5°C and increase further with 2°C,” according to the report. At a time when global cooperation is essential, Canada’s climate policies are a liability that alone would lead to an increase in global temperatures by a catastrophic 5°C by the end of the century.
In spite of the climate crisis, the Government of Canada continues to subsidize tar sands expansion. In May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Government’s purchase of the failing Trans Mountain pipeline for $4.5 billion, committing another $10 billion taxpayer dollars to expanding the pipeline by 600,000 barrels of tar sands oil a day. The proposed pipeline and tanker project would release 100 million tonnes of carbon annually, negating climate commitments made by the Canadian government at the UN Climate Summit in Paris.
Justin Trudeau and his family have vacationed on Vancouver Island in Tofino for the past three summers since he became the Prime Minister of Canada. Friends of Clayoquot Sound mobilized with Trudeau Vacation Watch to hold the Prime Minister accountable as a decision-maker. Unlike Trudeau, future generations will not have the luxury to take a vacation from the devastation of the climate crisis.
The Trans Mountain pipeline still has no consent from Indigenous Nations, major municipalities including Vancouver, Burnaby, and Victoria, and the Government of British Columbia. With no treaties and no purchase of the unceded territories from the Indigenous Nations within B.C., Canada has no legal jurisdiction under International Law to approve or permit the pipeline. Will George, Tsleil Waututh Leader of the Coast Salish Kwekwecnewtxw Watch House on Burnaby Mountain, traveled to Tofino to deliver a message to Trudeau on Cox Bay beach just outside of Trudeau’s taxpayer funded vacation rental.
“Trudeau needs to understand that ‘No’ means ‘No’! From establishing action camps to hanging off bridges, we will do whatever it takes to stop this dirty pipeline,” emphasized Will George, who suspended from the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver to stop oil tanker traffic in July. “Now is a critical time, so I encourage everyone to join the movement to protect the land, water, and climate.  Bring your skill set and your family and friends.”

Fish Farms Face 2022 Deadline For Indigenous Consent + DFO Approval

Over the summer, the B.C. government announced that starting in 2022 all fish farms in B.C. will have to fulfill two requirements when an existing fish farm tenure comes up for renewal or when applying for a new fish farm tenure.
First, applications will have to demonstrate they have agreements in place with Indigenous Nations in whose territories they propose to operate. Additionally, federal approval is required from the Department of Fisheries and Ocean who must agree that the fish farm’s operations will not impact wild salmon stocks.

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Celebrating & Protecting Salmon!

Clayoquot Salmon Festival was an awesome week! From September 1-7th, we had 8 public events and hundreds attended!!

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Clayoquot Salmon Festival Sept 1-7!

The salmon are returning and we are reminded of what we are fighting for. Please join us for the Clayoquot Salmon Festival, Saturday, September 1 – Friday, September 7 to help us protect, educate about, and celebrate the irreplaceable backbone of the coast!

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Victoria Ecotourism Outfitter and Environmental Advocates Invite Trudeaus to Bear Witness to Orcas’ Wake

In an effort to hold Trudeau accountable as a decision maker, Friends of Clayoquot Sound reached out to the South Island ecotourism operator, Ocean Ecoventures, to invite the Trudeaus on a reality tour to bear witness to the orcas’ mournful wake.

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Letter to the Tofino Chamber of Commerce

Dear businesses, residents, and tourists of Clayoquot Sound and the Pacific Rim:
With Trudeau coming here as a tourist, there are a number of ways that we can act to protect the west coast. Here are some ideas:

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Volunteer Spotlight

Liz is from Scotland.  She has been in Canada for almost 2 years on a working holiday visa and has loved every minute in British Columbia, especially the incredible west coast. With a background in Ecology Liz came to Canada to explore its ecosystems and wildlife as well as it’s rich history and culture.  Last summer, Liz Traveled from Victoria all the way up the coast to Haida Gwaii before spending winter in the Kootenays. Liz has fallen completely in love with Vancouver Island and will be sad to leave in a couple of weeks. She has been a crucial part of our volunteer crew this summer supporting FOCS “SUmmer Presentations” and the “Clayoquot Salmon Festival.  Liz is looking forward to taking home all the amazing things she has learned here and knows that without a doubt she will be back to these magical lands. “Thanks so much to FOCS, you are all amazing people and it’s been an absolute pleasure to learn from you and get to know you a little.” Liz

Supporter Spotlight

Andrew Talbot has supported FOCS for years by donating 1% of his earnings as an artist to us.  He grew up exploring and photographing the far corners of Vancouver Island from an early age. Inspired by years of surf trips, hikes and kayaking along the west coast, his canvases offer a glimpse into the sacred places that connect us with nature and our inner beings. Each painting starts with an image and a vision and ends telling a story and capturing a feeling. A product of the thriving environment and culture that is Vancouver Island!

Please check out his artist page HERE!

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