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Salmon Solidarity Movement Converging in Tofino

Photo: Harwood Visuals

On Sunday, June 9th in Tofino, an alliance of Tla-o-qui-aht, Ahousaht, and Hesquiaht people, the Nuuchahnulth Salmon Alliance, held the “Salmon: Talking Circle and March.” The talking circle was held in front of the totem pole that Joe David raised in Tofino. Honoured guests included Chiefs from the Broughton Archipelago, Alexandra Morton, and the crew of Sea Shepherd’s Martin Sheen Research Vessel. Many people shared their perspectives on the value of wild salmon, and the damage done by salmon farms. During the March that followed, Nuu-chah-nulth salmon defenders led songs and chants through Tofino to Cermaq’s facilities and the Lions Gate fish plant.

Then this past Monday, June 24th, approximately 200 locals on over 30 boats took to the water in solidarity with cleansing ocean waters of open net pen salmon feedlots. The flotilla consisted of Tla-o-qui-aht and Ahousaht members, Tofitians, Ucluetians, fishers, whale watchers, surfers, scientists, families, business owners, artists, kayakers, SUP’ers, the Sea Shepherd Crew, and local environmental groups.

The Nuuchahnulth Salmon Alliance is inviting salmon defenders to gather again at Anchor Park for a different kind of rally. This rally is to be guided by NSA – Ahousaht member Clayton’s idea to be a mostly silent rally. The aim is to show our care and concern and share our message in a determined and calm way. We will gather at Anchor Park, and then head down as a movement to the Cermaq’s Tofino office for the Hydrolicer Public Tour. The Cermaq event is advertised as “…a community celebration and thanks you event. Join us at our Tofino Office (61 4rth street on Thursday, June 27th from 10 AM until 4 PM, for free tours of our new Hyrdolicer, kids activities, information and fun…”.

The Nuuchahnulth Salmon Alliance have invited participants to paint, draw or tape a sea lice shape across their mouths as a statement of grief for all the baby salmon that have been killed by sea lice because of this corporations presence. Also, you are invited to bring signs, images or wear custom drawn t-shirts, with messages on them. There will also be the option for those who wish to ask some questions and hear the answers provided or potentially take a Hydrolicer boat tour, but the idea is to hold the gravity of the situation in mostly silence and observance.

We appreciate that this is a difficult subject to address, because of various interpersonal dynamics, and we want to thank you in advance for your caring and bravery. Being rooted in holistic care means that we can advance the movement in a good way. Chuu, and hope to see you there!

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