Meares Island Sitka Spruce grove

Meares Island is rich with some of the largest and oldest trees in Canada.

2019–2020 Winter Newsletter is here!

December 7th, 2019

The winter 2019-2020 edition of our twice-yearly newsletter is out, with articles including:

  • System Change, Not Climate Change
  • Taking the Street for Climate Justice: Time to Follow the Leadership of the Youth
  • End in Sight for Open Net Salmon Farms in Canada
  • FOCS: 40 Years on the Frontlines of Ancient Rainforest Protection!
  • Indigenous Rights Recognized in BC Law with New Legislation
  • Tribal Parks Allies Celebrates Inaugural Year!
  • Clayoquot Salmon Festival Rocks the Sound in 2019!
  • Imperial Metals Moves into Skagit Headwaters After No Charges for Mount Polley Disaster

plus updates on our campaigns, and action items for you to take forward. Take a read and please share!

Click here to download (PDF, 3MB): FOCS Winter Newsletter, or find print copies at many outlets in Tofino and around BC. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with distribution in your area.

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