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Meares Island Sitka Spruce grove

Meares Island is rich with some of the largest and oldest trees in Canada.

Clayoquot Salmon Festival 2017

Clayoquot Salmon Festival website2-page-001 Protect, Educate, Celebrate.

Salmon play an integral role for coastal livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound. And they lead incredible lives, starting in fresh water then migrating to the ocean. Salmon stay at sea for years before their homing instincts guide them back, to the fresh water systems they were conceived in, to reproduce. Celebrating this magnificent species is what inspires Friends of Clayoquot Sound to organize the annual Clayoquot Salmon Festival!

From September 15-23 there will be a variety of events, with something for everyone. The festival aims to offer residents and visitors an opportunity to reflect upon, and build an active appreciation for, the irreplaceable value of salmon in Clayoquot Sound. At least 137 different species depend on the marine-rich nutrients that wild salmon provide. Millions of people around the Pacific rely on salmon as a healthy and reliable source of protein. Pacific salmon fuel a $3 billion industry, supporting tens of thousands of jobs and local economies and communities around the Pacific Rim.

Salmon are the essential to protecting a way of life rooted in the Pacific northwest environment. Indigenous Nations continue to lead and uphold a vibrant, life-sustaining relationship with salmon. The Hišinqʷiił – Regional Gathering and Surfrider Beach Clean Up at Kwisitis Centre on Wichaninnish Beach will enable festival goers to demonstrate an active appreciation for salmon conservation and culture. While daily themed yoga classes will help to fundraise for the Festival.

Throughout Clayoquot Sound, the remaining intact salmon watersheds composed of free-flowing rivers and dense forests, provide clean drinking water and absorb carbon, guarding against the worst impacts of climate change. A Salmon Forest Walk with Raincoast Education Society will offer the opportunity to better understand their ecological significance. To generate continuing the discussion about the issues facing salmon, the Festival is presenting a series of Salmon Solidarity Short Docs in collaboration with Monday Night Movies. This year’s films include: “Caretakers”, “Salmon Will Run”, “Voyage for Salmon”, and “Wild Salmon Mural”.

As a keystone species, salmon support wildlife such as orcas, bears, wolves, and eagles while providing nutrients to the ancient forests of Clayoquot Sound. But salmon are also under significant stress in the environment from water pollutants and climate change. Now more than ever, we require reliable information about the issues impacting salmon. To better understand the state of salmon science, Friends of Clayoquot Sound is hosting, leading scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Kristi Miller, at the Community Hall on Thursday, September 21. Dr. Miller will speak about her recent experience having salmon research results muzzled by the Government of Canada under the Harper administration.

Local water quality is an issue that affects salmon, humans, and all living creatures. During the Festival, on Friday, September 22, Raincoast Education Society will host an evening of short presentations at Darwin’s Cafe on Water Quality Monitoring in Clayoquot Sound. Presentation themes will include “Characterizing Water Quality in Lemmens Inlet” as well as “Water Properties & Micro-plastics” presented by the University of Washington-Tacoma and Royal Roads University.

The Clayoquot Salmon Festival is timed to coincide with the return of the salmon for spawning on the west coast. Anyone who has witnessed salmon hurling themselves upriver and over obstacles during the spawn knows their tenacious drive to give life to the next generation. The Festival has prioritized celebrating the return of the salmon together as a community with creative spirit and two stellar weekends of music hosted at the Tofino Legion.

Opening night, Friday, September 15, will feature the dance folk of Compassion Gorilla for an album release show supported by Ms. Panik. While on Saturday, September 16, hip hop beats and rhymes will be pumping with Vancouver’s Def 3 and Bryx and Tofino’s Praxis Life and Sliceoginger warming things up. The music continues the following weekend with the album release for Victoria’s reggae funk masters Caleb Hart & the Royal Youths on Friday, September 22 with Buckman Coe opening. The finale night features the electro stylings of Vancouver’s I M U R supported by Tofino’s Butterflywingtip on Saturday, October 15. The best part is, advance tickets for each show are available!

To volunteer for the Clayoquot Salmon Festival contact the festival organizers at salmonfestival@focs.ca or 250.725.4218. To stay up to date follow us @ Clayoquot Salmon Festival on Facebook.

See you there!

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