We are a grassroots environmental group. The efforts of our tiny paid staff are amplified by the work of volunteers.

Join our Team

Thank you for standing up to protect our shared lands and waters. The generous contributions of volunteers enable us to protect the natural and cultural diversity found in Clayoquot Sound. By bringing your skills, knowledge and passion to volunteer with us you are not only supporting our work, but growing a movement that fights for our future.

To add your energy and skills to the ongoing protection of Clayoquot Sound, fill up the following form. We will add you to our volunteer mailing list to learn about our current campaigns and upcoming events.

There are lots of ways to get involved. Of course, there’s always the vital task of sending a message to government and industry by attending rallies and writing letters — this is something everyone can do.

Specific projects require specific talents and efforts depending on their nature. Those volunteer jobs are usually intense and short-term, and can involve event organizing, field recon, research into specific issues, photography, sign painting, costume making, and the like.

Keeping FOCS running smoothly as an organization involves ongoing tasks, such as data entry, filing, research, info tables — much of which is suitable for volunteer involvement.

We are sometimes able to take university interns for periods up to several months, depending on the student’s requirements and how they mesh with our own. If you’re interested, please inquire!


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