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North Pacific swells crashing on Clayoquot's outer coast.

Wild Salmon Paddle


“Salmon are the backbone of the coast, playing an integral role for coastal livelihoods, cultures, and ecosystems,” emphasized Wild Salmon Paddle Expedition Leader, Simon Behman. “With annual salmon returns in the Pacific Northwest diminishing due to polluting human activities, the salmon need our help!”

After launching in Victoria B.C. the expedition will end in Juneau, Alaska, journeying a distance of more than 2,000 kilometers. Following the migration routes of wild salmon, the expedition is taking place from early April to August of 2016. Simon Behman leads the expedition from Victoria, BC to the finale in Glacier Bay, Alaska.  “I want to give back to the coast that has given me so much by fundraising for salmon conservation for Friends of Clayoquot Sound, educating through social media, and engaging communities along the way about the importance of salmon,” said Behman.

The Wild Salmon Paddle is an example of the commitment needed to protect the irreplaceable value of wild salmon. The funds raised will support the Friends of Clayoquot Sound organizing the Clayoquot Salmon Festival, participating in the Clayoquot Sound Salmon Roundtable, and contributing to salmon conservation efforts.  To donate to this initiative please follow this Link.

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“Taking a break in the Broken Islands in Barkley Sound, day 13”



“A view of the south side of Florencia Island. This small island is located between Ucluelet and Tofino, and has only one accessible beach to land on. Apparently a very popular island for seals to enjoy the sun 🙂 ”



“Part of the West Coast Trail from Camper Creek. It is very common to see ladders such as these on the trail to move through the highs and lows of the old growth forest. We were stoked to not have to carry huge backpacks and still walk much of the trail. Kayaking is the best way to explore this trail, in my humble opinion :)”



“During our paddle up the Juan De Fuca Straight, we were able to access the famous West Coast Trail through the camp spots we paddled to. This beautiful hiking trail starts at Bamfield and ends in Port Renfrew.”

Simon3Carmanah Point


Getting ready for surf launch trial number 1 of Walbran Creek, April 13th


Wild Salmon Paddle


On Tuesday, April 5 at 9am, Wild Salmon Paddle launched from Victoria, BC to promote wild salmon conservation efforts. Wild Salmon Paddle is a fundraiser expedition for wild salmon conservation! The Wild Salmon Paddle expedition takes place from early April to July of 2016. Starting the journey in Victoria B.C. the trip will end in Juneau, Alaska, a distance of 2000 kilometers.

Sea kayaker Simon Behman will be accompanied with a paddling partner from Victoria to Port Hardy, and from there he will continue the expedition solo. He plans to give back to the land and community that has given him so much by strengthen the annual salmon migration through conservation funding, public education, and engaging communities along the way in the topic of the importance of wild salmon for the Northwest ecosystems.

As an avid whitewater and sea kayaker for the past 10 years, Simon’s long-term dream has been to paddle the Inside Passage for a worthy cause. Salmon need our support, evidenced by the diminishing annual salmon returns in the Pacific Northwest due to the deteriorating health of our oceans from a wide variety of human activities.

Simon Behman plans on fundraising for Friends of Clayoquot Sound (FOCS), a grassroots environmental organization that works to protect the marine habitats off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The funds raised will support the Clayoquot Salmon Festival and wild salmon conservation efforts.  To donate to this initiative please follow this Link.


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